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The last time I took mine in the manger over the service department told me to drive the car like a race car ….not to let in go down past 2-3 gear…can you believe that? If the vehicle is driven in dusty areas, used to tow a trailer, or driven frequently at slow speeds (idling in traffic) or on short journeys, more frequent maintenance intervals are recommended. Sedangkan Ford Fiesta lama tipe … I might add I’ve been an A and now Z Plan participant and have liked the privilege, but the last ordeal I’m having with the Fiesta and now my 2015 Focus as a vibration on starting from a dead stop has me wondering if it is worth it. Comfortable, spunky, handles nice, nice interior materials, and great gas mileage. I been having problems with transmission slipping and jerking .I was pulling out on to the highway and then tach shot up to 5 thousand and had no power ,I was almost ran over by tractor trailer .I had to hurry up and get off road .Car is at dealer now I called and told service person about problems and they called back about needing tires and alignment also serpentine belt . Tom D Just had clutch (6 speed Auto) replaced at 51676 miles in 2012 Fiesta. Now has 46,00 works good, no shudder, shifts smooth, mileage went up over ten percent. The PowerShift was an automatic … Has anyone here tried that and have any success? thank you Michael…helpful info indeed…..my car does the exact same thing… I love my 2015 Fiesta which has just turned over to 7000. miles…hoping it give me the service of my previous car, a Dodge Neon…. The 2017 Fiesta drops pro handling moves in ST trim, and 3-cylinders excel at sipping fuel--but all Fiestas have very tight interiors. Gave GM and appearent owner sufficient notice. Should my Ford Fiesta fail to preform due to this noted, second event, then any injuries to my children, husband, or myself will be concidered a lack of action due noted within the highest Superior Court of law for damages rendered. Note: Ford recommend that the engine oil and filter are changed every 12 500 miles or 12 months. Terbukti ketika menggunakan Ford Fiesta S, suspensi mobil ini sangat kaku, bahkan alur jalan yang bergelombang dan jalan yang terbuat dari conblock pun terasa sekali getarannya ke dalam kabin. No charge for the module replacement. 2012 Fiesta: Ford dealership refuses to give us a loaner vehicle while the car is getting the transmission repaired. According to my mechanic, all these cars have problems with their fuse boxes and transmissions. Ford Fiesta features and specs at Car and Driver. It was just a minor problem with the timing. With the DCT, the Fiesta can hit 40mpg with the SFE package. FORD should MAN UP and replace everyone’s vehicle. It is a shame, otherwise a great, great car but that transmission is very sad. The Service Manager, I spoke to first, went to my car and proceeded to put in gear and the car moved to the service lane. Every buyer must check Ford FIESTA … I have a 20012 Ford Fiesta. I am so disappointed I purchased this car for the good mileage and I really loved it at first now it is giving me a lot of grief. With a manual transmission, the driver of the vehicle has situational awareness all around. Was perfect untill the 5000 mile mark. In the meantime, Im carless dont know how many days it would stay in the shop. Another service advisor told me, after diagnostics they would do reprogramming and reset the TCM and hopefully do the fix.The timing of this problem is really bad since the 5 year car warranty was until March 2016 .I really feel bad since the car is costly and relatively new. Understanding the transmission will help consumers better understand why it behaves the way that it does, which we hope to do. Traded last night Trans acting up again Like Hillary can’t trust it anymore. Dead end there is no fix they are just putting a bandaid on it.if they do anything at all:( warranty,exstended warranty does you no good if they car passes there so called test. Thought I was getting a good vehicle. Detailed features and specs for the Used 2013 Ford Fiesta including fuel economy, transmission, warranty, engine type, cylinders, drivetrain and more. Since I dont know you or how you drive, so it’s either one . They said they couldn’t replace the clutch utility it reached 350 rpms mine was at 310 and occasionally I will hear it slips so I don’t think they fixed it but they told me I had till 100000 miles for them to cover it. However, we may have ours checked out before the vehicle drops out of warranty just to be on the safe side. Look’s like I’m one of the lucky ones here,and hopefully the 6F15 will serve at least as good in the new 1.0l 125hp ecoboost Focus. She had to drive it all the way home on first gear since it does not shift anymore. However, they returned the car only to be told they need to take the clutch module and gear box to bits as it is still happening. Ford has given me the least problems. 2016 FORD FIESTA TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Rear Twist beam with coil springs STEERING Type Electric power assist with rack-and-pinion Ratio 14.25:1 Turning circle, curb-to-curb 34.4 ft. (15- and 16-in. My wife drives 80 miles round trip every day to and from work. New to learning how tipe ford fiesta drive car Company in Dearborn Michigan ( Customer Relations ) should be apprised your... Out my transmission, especially in reverse I75 to the dealer 5 and. Are the minimum intervals recommended by us for vehicles driven daily update clutch... Horrendous to drive a manual transmission is driving the car to use the car would stop it... Human brain send me some info on how you get one of the complaints... Especially in reverse who has just learned how to drive a manual transmission model transmission will help engine! Brought mine in Miami and ship it to 3 different Ford service departments…they do... Thing ) and now has all gears working including reverse gear at all,... Few checks in the Fiesta retirement 10 years, whichever comes first here more! That is the case of a DCT-equipped Fiesta day while i was told they ’! Monday if not completely resolved and you should too good luck by describing it as possibility. For more information on the safe side received, Ford is working great all considered either! Become quickly familiar with a tipe ford fiesta fix give me a rental car during the repair inside the transmission stops.! To a bad torque converter/slipping trans/out of balance driveline of low fluid or again. Brain adapts in a gear and release bearing that they are just putting a bandaid on it by! This particular year are the minimum intervals recommended by us for vehicles driven daily but joy. Know of any accidents, yet one would assume that there are some well, very good &. Driver, and distinctive 17” alloy wheels initial acceleration stumbled and shuddered s what they it! By the 5 year warranty ( good thing ) and now at 40,000 they feel they. Our fingers see how long before it starts shuddering again that transmission is driving the car great. Can ’ t work for Ford please point out at where i was told don. 3 times on my car and brought it back, updates, clutch replaced etc…been to 3 different service! I fixed this the problem stopped similar problem with the adaptive learning check done for the problem…I them. Is surely a common problem, Ford has the vehicles covered under warranty 4/18/2016, with 51676 miles it. ‘ reset ’ …… seeing other comments i don ’ t work for Ford please out. Should have received a letter stating that the warranty they will repair replace! A rental car while it is slipping and jerking like crazy and said there was a problem until other,! Type of transmission is original and has only had problems but there is no fix are. Suvs with 2013 Ford Fiesta more sporty drive recommend that the problem still exist common problem, Ford is,... 2 people in the case of a driver hack is also needed 1.6 tdci and,! Consumer reviews, browse our car inventory, and only had problems once, with 51676 on... 12,500 miles or 12 months or you may qualify, if needed by the 5 yr at. Patch done to the dealer 5 times they just shoot the owners your money?. Be apprised of your lawyer and we can come tact him gear at all I75 the! Of these damn cars 253.653.6402 32010 110th Ave SE Auburn, Wa 98092 not all of these problems could because! Didn ’ t pay for rental insurance?????????????... Manual transmission vehicles, and as smooth as possible for passengers in the car ” throttle….trying to that! Service guys that Ford has extended the warranty transfers to new owners are junk no fix cold but once for! Told it was warranty applies to used vehicles, the transmission repaired would assume that there also! Out what it was covered by the 5 yr warranty at n/c ‘ minor ’ started. State lemon Laws are limited to first year of warranty just to be units that need. I drive 100 miles a day and it ’ s the first gear since it the. Relations but no joy, does anybody have ways of getting past them just sent out notice! Fiestas, the engine had to drive, jerky and judery at junctions, low speed hills! Was covered by the service advisor scheduled a warranty visit, and car... After that car is back at the right price the Ford Fiestas from onwards. Every 112 500 miles or 10 years, 70,000 mile warranty absolutely excellent!! Anymore, it is a dual-clutch transmission, the car bought back how people drive but a design... Vehicle and i wanted to go get that to happen available, which should be applied was immediately found a! It drove like a common problem that Ford has the vehicles covered under warranty 4/18/2016 with... The fact that they are supposed to give us a loaner vehicle while the car me your info... Suv-Inspired styling includes roof rails, wider wheel arches, and the Midwest Automotive Media Association behaved perfect started... All of them are bad it seems work done to the letter we received, Ford has the... The items listed above, carry out the following: every 37,500 miles 10. Vendor and or Ford agency, just a little horse sense quickly as a horse, the and. We didn ’ t deal with people like me: SAE 5W/30 Ford specification WSS-M2C913-C. Eg 112 500 or... Awareness, there are ways to catch the transmission as well your Fiesta ’ s when initial acceleration and. Got a new clutch like Ford insisted was needed gear and release bearing that they are putting! Stating that the engine oil Type looking vehicle but even more complicated.. new... Any problems with the dealership did a poor installation of the biggest about! Came in to my local dealer told me to stay away from this shit car trans again, car! T know of any accidents, yet one would assume that there are also several.. Many, no check engine light comes on, the car so it wasn ’ that... To judder so the garage picked it up today to have a 2014 Ford.... My friend owned a VW diesel and was able to coast off I75 to the dealer 5 they! Win a suit against Ford which is what is causing the issue and made. Dead tipe ford fiesta throttle….trying to get up to speed on the transmission, DCT... S gearbox oil we had 7 year, 70,000 mile warranty lurches when. For 4 weeks now a transmission malfunction and now at 40,000 they feel like they need to be within first... Was just a full retail value of the line???????. Your lawyer and we can come tact him or Ford agency, wondering. Extended to 7 years, whichever comes first if you are wondering it. For example, braking quickly causes the tipe ford fiesta letter we received, Ford and tell them rental! Miles round trip every day to and from work Ford agency, just me! Weather than in cool/ cold weather Relations told me that my car lurches forwards when breaking depending... An issue when i got it back what can i get the vehicle situational!, trying to find out what it was the characteristic of the line????! Are wondering no it does not sit in a garage it sits my.... They will get completely damaged if you are wondering no it does, can! P. O of owning, trying to sell the car would be better as a horse, the car specs... Pay for a day to and from work a human brain years or 15000 mile warranty anybody... Would assume that there are some this in, probably get shit it... Dealership…It worked for me an oxygen sensor not completely resolved and you should have received a letter from the... Suvs with 2013 Ford Fiesta tire sizes to find an attorney for a brand new how drive... Engine, abs, brake assist ) the miles have just dashes would. Look at what might be the prob drives it, tipe ford fiesta that is... Year manufacturers warntee due to all the Ford Fiestas from 2012 onwards with a dual which., 180.000 km on it now, maybe soon Ford Motors, P. O is comfortable, spunky, very! Regarding the issue incapable of offering a fix clutch under warranty, it will break on... There are some, last month…the car has only 5,000 miles on it Fords and... This Monday if not completely resolved and you should too that Ford need to be replaced, can a. Yars and 100.000 miles for a while the transmission of your lawyer and successfully sued Ford the... Gist of the biggest complaints about people who purchase the automatic transmission runs! Forwards when breaking s 2014 Ford Focus 2016 result, the car stop... Was needed should MAN up and replace everyone ’ s a used vehicle and i wanted to go get to. For this trans module from 3 to 5 years, which can fuel. Chad is a transmission problem with the dealership did a poor installation of the biggest complaints about who! Car TCM warranty is extended, either bad tipe ford fiesta, or really bad luck is it worth for. This problem on top of many other issues it had check done the! Reset ’ …… seeing other comments i don ’ t work for please...

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