bird of paradise outdoor temperature

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Don’t worry too much about breaking pieces of root here and there – these plants are tough. Now, you can bring your plant inside to shelter it during cold spells! /* BCGRside */ Then, cover everything up and give it a deep watering that drains out the bottom of the pot. Bird of paradise grows 3 to 5 feet in height and blooms intermittently through the year, creating a colorful focal point in warm-climate gardens. If your plant is still young and relatively small, you can repot it each spring as it grows. Also can be grown from seed. Just fill a large pot – one that’s at least 12 inches wide and deep, or larger, depending on the size of the plant – with two parts potting soil and one part perlite. Thrives in hot, dry areas that receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. google_ad_height = 200; Because it does not require full sun, bird of paradise can be grown as a houseplant. If your plant is growing in a pot, it’s easy to move it indoors when you see a freeze warning in the forecast for your area. Laura also writes novels and holds an MFA in writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. All members thrive in USDA Hardiness Zones 10-12, and sometimes Zone 9 – with ample protection. They usually bloom with unique flowers in winter or early spring. My bird was hit by frost and all leaves are brown but stalks are green. The average maximum daily temperature in the Highveld region (the eastern plateau) is 26 °C, which is considerably more pleasant than that of the north-western deserts. Black of the University of Florida Institute … Did you already put your bird of paradise in the ground, only to realize that it’s likely to suffer during the winter? Using a trenching shovel, dig down about 18 inches, following that radial line. Next, cover the entire stem and rhizome area with mulch. There are several species of Strelizia, many of which are monster plants, so check the mature size and leave plenty of room for it to grow. A little too tough, perhaps…. In the meantime, check out these articles on overwintering your carefully cultivated flowers next: © Ask the Experts, LLC. Also known as crane flower, bird of paradise (Strelitzia spp.) Your plant will stay warm through the winter, and as soon as warmer temperatures arrive, you can free it of its little nest and let it regrow those lovely stems and leaves. If you have any stories, tips, or questions about overwintering Strelitzia plants, drop me a line in the comments below. Brush some of the soil away from the root ball to loosen the roots. Pests and Diseases: The bird of paradise plant is usually pest-free, but if insect pests or disease do occur, it will usually not kill the bird of paradise. Regardless, ideal bird of paradise growing conditions both indoors and out remain the same: bright light, well-drained soil and adequate water through the growing season. Growing Bird of Paradise Plants from Seed Bird of Paradise seeds must be sown while they are fresh, so plant them as soon as possible after harvesting Soak your seeds in room temperature water for 3-4 days prior to planting (Be sure to change the water daily!) It needs a large plant container to grow and bloom, so repot your bird of paradise plant each spring. Search. For additional tips on growing birds of paradise as houseplants, see our guide. During the growing season, optimal temperatures are 65-70 Fahrenheit (18-21 C.) during the day and 50 F. (10 C.) at night. Keep it next to your sunniest windowsill, and move it outside again as soon as the temperatures allow – the plant is more likely to produce an attractive profusion of flowers if it is grown outdoors. If the temperature dips below freezing or gets very hot where you live, bird of paradise will die if planted in the garden. The strelitzia group of plants have flowers which have colors which match the yellow, blue, and brown shades and hence the resemblance. Bird of paradise can be grown indoors in areas where the temperature drops below 50 degrees F. Plant in a container and bring inside during the winter months. Temperature: Keep in above 50-degree temperatures, as it does not tolerate cold well.

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